Finding The Right Heat and Cool Air Conditioner

Consumer reports does not rank or review central heat and cool air conditioners.  The quality of the instalation far overshadows any minor differences in brands.  Selecting an air conditioner should focus on selecting an air conditioning contractor experienced with your specific needs and requirements. 

Select an air conditioning contractor based on their market specialization:

• Appliance Retailers sell and service room and window units.
• Residential Service Contractors have technicians skilled in service and replacement in occupied homes.
• Commercial Service Contractors have technicians skilled in the wide variety of commercial equipment diagnostics and repair.
• Residential New Construction A/C Contractors have the technicians that can hit a construction site and rough-in a new system in a hurry without having to worry about furniture or occupants.
• Mechanical Contractors have new construction crews skilled in efficiently installing ducts and pipes, for ground-up or unoccupied construction.

Using a residential new construction crew in an existing occupied home to install heat and cool equipment, seldom results in a happy customer or profitable install.


Most heat and cool air conditioner equipment, in the low to mid-range efficiencies, are pretty much the same.  Many manufacturers use common components.

The more advance high efficiency heat and cool air conditioner could include some exclusive features and benefits.

Ask Questions and evaluate the answers you get.

Before you buy A/C services study your system and become a knowledgeable consumer.  What type air conditioner system do you have?  What do you like and not like about your system, comfort and energy bill.