HVAC Marketing

HVAC Marketing is everything you do to promote your business.  Advertising is part of marketing.  This includes your business cards, letterhead and logo.  A big part of marketing for HVAC includes the moving billboards called your service vans. 

Marketing works both ways.  If you do great work, marketing will spread the word.  If your work is crap, marketing will spread the news like wildfire.  Before you start intensive marketing, make sure you deliver quality services.

Do all the basic “Guerrilla Marketing” techniques.  You will find these in the classic book by Jay Conrad Levinson.   Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business   See the book review on this site.

Many HVAC contractors attempt to develop their brand through radio or TV.  I’m a firm believer that if you can’t directly measure the results of your marketing, the marketing needs to be free.  Things like delivering a great service, clean trucks and facilities are excluded.

Don’t throw your money away on marketing and advertising unless you are willing to meticulously track the results.

The best advertising for HVAC contractors is called direct response advertising.  This means you send a postcard or other tractable ad those results in a sale.  You know what you are going to spend and the results you expect.

We have found the only business model that is predictably successful is the Maintenance Department Business Model.  In this business model the contractor sells HVAC tune-ups, converts them to annual service agreements and the annual service agreements produce a predictable number of high profit HVAC Replacement sales.  See the “MANTENANCE DEPARTMENT MANIFESTO”.  The content in the “Maintenance Department Manefesto” is available on this blog and other HVAC marketing sites for free.  If you want this information in an organized step by step format, you will save many hours for just a few dollars.  Reguardless, make sure you sign up for updated and new content by subscribing to our mailing list.

Another book that we recommend is Ron Smith’s HVAC Spells Wealth
See the review on this site.  Ron’s book, it is one of the best resource available for the HVAC Service replacement business and belongs in every HVAC library.