What Brand Air Conditioner to Buy

Consumer Reports published a “Brand Repair History” for furnaces, but has not done so for central air conditioners. Central air conditioners need to be installed and connected to ductwork, and performance depends on the size and condition of your home, the climate where you live and other factors that make comparative testing impossible. As stated in earlier articles, contractor selection is the most important decision you will make.

Our recommendation is to purchase one of the major brands listed under our mfg TAB and sold by your contractor.  Additional information may be available at FurnaceCompare.com, the most general information. The site sells a downloadable guide with additional information, including wholesale prices of current models.

As far as quality and brand go many expensive big name brands are the same as an economical cheap priced unit, even made on the same assembly line. ¬†That doesn’t mean you receive no benefit for paying more.

Most central air conditioners have ten-year limited warranties on the compressor and five-year limited warranties on all other parts. Some manufacturers do not cover labor costs. Contractors usually offer one-year warranties on the installation.

Both manufacturers and contractors offer a variety of warranty and service options.